Nursery Decorating Why Parents Should Plan it


Decorating your baby’s nursery is such an exciting project. But it’s not easy to imagine all you’ll need if this is your first ‘ll want a pretty room that’s extra special, but do make sure it’s convenient too. Ergonomics isn’t just for the office… you’ll want all you need for changing nappies, for example, within easy reach, with odds and ends in a basket or a container that hangs from a changing surface. Let your nursery grow Don’t think you have to get the nursery completely decked out before baby’s birth. Friends, family and work colleagues may ask what they can buy to welcome your little one, so perhaps leave a few items for them to give, such as a mobile, changing mat, nappy holder and so on. You’ll also have more idea of what works in your new routine as a mum, once you’ve been at it a few weeks. Babies grow fast Your tiny newborn will grow fast, so plan for toddlerhood too when thinking of nursery decorating ideas, especially if you plan to put up bright-and-cute wallpaper. You might choose to have plain walls and put up posters, hangings or mobiles which can be changed according to your little one’s age and tastes. Colour matters You’ll read a lot about colour when looking for nursery decorating ideas. You may like pale pink or blue (fingers crossed the scan was correct). You may be a pastel-phobe and want to have some fun with bright primary colours to create a cheerful nursery. Make it safe Some of your nursery decorating ideas may have to be saved for when your child is older as the nursery has to safe with no trailing leads or loose rungs to trip over in the night. The room must be safe for baby with a cot that meets all the safety standards, for example, but also think ahead and make it safe for a toddler on the move: ensure she won’t be hurt by inappropriate heaters or radiators, sharp corners, or shelves and containers she can pull down onto herself. Another safety point: try to finish any painting or new carpeting well in advance of your baby’s arrival to avoid the danger of fumes. Make it comfortable The ideal nursery will be warm but not too hot. Have a comfy chair so you can relax while feeding your baby and a baby changing surface at a height that won’t give you backache. Light and dark Some mums like to have heavily lined curtains or a blackout blind so that the nursery can be darkened when it’s baby’s sleep time. It can make all the difference when getting her to sleep on a light summer’s evening, or convincing her that 5am is not daytime. When thinking of nursery decorating ideas make sure you keep lighting low and peaceful: you don’t want baby lying on her back under a bright overhead light. Consider a lamp, a dimmer switch and/or a plug-in nightlight.

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