Don’t Make Your Child Like a Pot For Decocting Herbal Medicine


Pediatric experts suggest: if you can take medicine, don’t take an injection; if you can take an injection, don’t transfuse.”Once baby is ill, parents will ask the doctor to give injections or infusion for the baby. However, this is a serious mistake!” Pediatric expert surge our parents not let your child become “a pot for decocting herbal medicine” The Pediatric experts say that in pediatric clinic often meet some repeatedly sick child. Once the child is ill, only can heal through infusion “At the same time, I also find that parents will often complain that children ” So, how to form this phenomenon? Experts think, the most common reason is caused by the parents. Once the child has a cold or fever, as the parents, they will ask the doctor to use the best medicines. “Indeed, use antibiotics, even using hormones can let the child bring down a fever faster and make the child’s illness under control soon. Parents are not only satisfied, can also admire the doctor. “But, in the long run, the baby’s body can gradually generate drug-resistance. Pediatric experts suggest parents that they should treat correctly children’s some common diseases, and especially not tend to the fast effects of medicines, asking the doctor to increase dosage of drug. They must use drugs rationally under the doctor’s proposal. “For example, if the body temperature is no more than 38???????, you should closely observe. If it is more than 38.5???????, you may use antipyretics, without too much dose. As for vitamins and trace elements, pediatric experts think you should supply appropriately. “If children eat the supplements, not only can’t they reach the expected effect, it’s harmful to their bodies, making the children pseudo precocious puberty,, bringing about endocrine disorders, then disturb children’s digestion and absorption ability.” Now vitamins and trace elements are various in the market, but you should use under the guidance of doctors. “In fact, rational diet is the best way. Rational diet can completely satisfy the demand of trace elements for children.”}

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