Know What You Need to Build a Daycare Center


The suburban lifestyle of a family with two working parents and young children is what our modern world’s picture in history would look like, if there ever would be one. With the baby boomer generation came the idea of the suburbs, where all parents work, with the freedom to choose the time, and the place, where they complete their jobs. And because of the aggressive advertising that the suburban lifestyle has received from real estate companies, new families sprout like mushrooms in all the modern suburbs in the country. Starting a daycare center in such a community is a great idea if you want to have your own business. Because these suburbs are relatively new, it’s a pretty easy market to capture. Competition is not so stiff, especially if there are no other daycare centers in the area. Nevertheless, take time to look at the whole picture before you jump in. Building and running a daycare is still building and running a real business, which means you need to go through a whole lot of procedure. First, you need all the information available in starting a daycare center. While there is a lot of data on this, keep in mind that you are still starting from scratch. And, never forget that your goal, aside from actually operating a child care center, is to make good money at the end of the day. One of the things you need to start on before deciding to start with this business is the potential. The population of pre-school aged children, families with children, couples young enough to have children, all come into play in your decision. Additionally, you need to consider how big your community will expand in the next few years. These considerations will give you a fair estimation of the potential of the business; a small community with little potential to grow would not be a good market, for example, but a young community with great potential for expansion is a prime environment. After you have this in your head (and feasibility study), start considering how well-known you are in your community and how people perceive you. Parents and children should of course know you as a trustworthy and upstanding individual. You also need to get to know the new members and those that will move in the community in the future. Now, back to your feasibility study. Your feasibility study should include all of the above mentioned considerations, but in greater detail. You can do this on your own if you have experience in researching, data-gathering, and interpreting information. If not, you should consult with a professional so you’d have a strong business foundation. The importance of the feasibility study cannot be stressed enough. After your feasibility study is done, you need to start on the business plan, which states all the actions you need to take in the course of the business. Objectively, after you have laid out a business plan, you can start working on your day care center. However, one thing must be emphasized and thought of everyday: are you really ready and able to work with children? This is the most important consideration that you need to have. No matter how well panned your business is, no matter how big the promise of success is, without the kids, you will be out of business. The kids are your market; you will be spending everyday with them, participating in the forming of their personalities and characters. If you have decided and would like to see more information on how to start a day care center, visit

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